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Fussy Infant Research Publications

Douglas P, Miller Y, Bucetti A, Hill PS, Creedy D. Preliminary evaluation of a primary care intervention for cry-fuss behaviours in the first three to four months of life ("The Possums Approach"): effects on cry-fuss behaviours and maternal mood. Australian Journal of Primary Health. 2013; 18:332-338.


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Fussy Infant Essays

Douglas P. The rise and fall of infant reflux. In: Finkel E, editor. The Best Australian Science Writing 2012. Sydney: New South 2011. p. 62-78. Originally published in Griffith Review. 2011;32:241-254.

Fussy Infant Education for Health Professionals

Douglas PS. Hey baby! Are you upset because you're overstimulated? The Medical Republic. 28 June 2021.

Douglas PS. Hey baby! It's lockdown. The Medical Republic. 23 July 2021.

Douglas PS. Part 1 - Babies crying out for help. The Medical Republic. 4 February 2019: 26-28.

Douglas PS. Part 2 - Making sense of baby's crying and fussing. The Medical Republic. 16 February 2019: 26-28.

Douglas PS. Part 3 - Crying babies: feeding, sleeping, and sensory needs. The Medical Republic. 4 March 2019:26-28.

Douglas P, Shirley B. How to Treat: The Crying Baby. Australian Doctor. 2013; 24 May 31-38. (Please ignore the questions and answers at the end of this article, as they were not written by the authors and unfortunately the answers have inaccuracies!)

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