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February 2015 | Medical Observer - A skeptical GP explains why the book changed her mind.

January 2015 | Evolutionary Parenting - A detailed review from the author of one of the world’s most popular parenting blogs – “this is by far one of the best books I have ever read for new parents. It is fabulous! ... She made me wish she was my doctor.”

November 2014 | Australian Doctor - Associate Professor Amanda McBride recommends the book to health professionals – “her writing style is similar to a novelist’s … an enormous amount of knowledge in this book.”

November 2014 | Western Nurse - "Takes the guesswork out of coping with crying babies, their feeding and sleeping."


October 2014 | Daily Telegraph - "Those first few weeks needn’t be so complex and confounding …"


September 2014 | Courier Mail - "Those first few weeks needn’t be so complex and confounding …"

September 2015 | "Nurture" Parenting Magazine - Four Radical Truths About Parents, Babies and Sleep - 

December 2014 | Coles Baby and Toddler Magazine - Baby myths busted

September 2014 | Kidspot - Got a crying baby? First take a deep breath … Having a crying baby who just won't settle no matter what you do can be incredibly stressful for new parents. Dr Pamela Douglas shares her tips on how to avoid becoming overwhelmed when bub is unsettled.

August 2014 | Daily Mail Australia - Sleeping in a dark room, comfort burping and developing a sleep pattern for your baby are just some of the six myths busted by top GP and infant expert about caring for newborns

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