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Dr Pamela Douglas has developed Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC, also known as the Possums programs) over the past 25 years, following the principles of implementation science step by step.


Her ground-breaking theoretical work reframes the care of parents and babies across the domains of breastfeeding/feeds, infant cry-fuss and sleep problems, infant sensory-motor needs and parent mood, which she has interpreted applying the lenses of evolutionary biology, complexity science, medical and lactation science, and cross-cultural studies. This evidence-base has been published in about 20 systematic and meta-narrative research reviews in international journals.


Pam has translated this evidence into the innovative Possums or NDC programs for parents, and her education courses for health professionals, including NDC Masterclasses and NDC Accreditation. There are now 8 research evaluations of NDC demonstrating the benefits of NDC or the Possums programs for both parents and health professionals. 

Pam offers Neuroprotective Developmental Care (or the Possums programs) to parents and health professionals. The new Possums Sleep Program for parents can be found at, and includes The gestalt method of fit and hold, When baby comes home, and other auxiliary programs. The NDC Institute for health professional training can be found at, and includes NDC Masterclasses, NDC Accreditation and Maintenance of NDC Accreditation. The NDC Institute currently has over 340 health professional members.

Dr Pamela Douglas with baby
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